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Ivan is a wise and natural healer; as well as having a depth and breath of knowledge about the physical form. He is precise and I find him more intuitive than any massage or physical therapist I've been to in the past. He is attuned to one's needs with being strong and gentle at once. I highly recommend Ivan.


I have known Ivan Garay for over 4 years now and I look for him each time I want to book a massage. It's unfortunate that it took me as long as it did to even try a male therapist but I was hurting from an exercise accident and was needing help. I'll never forget meeting Ivan and how sensitive and knowledgeable he was. He truly understands the human body. I got immediate relief and was sold on male therapists. We have developed a professional friendship and mutual respect. Being a business owner, I understand customer service.

Englewood Cliffs, NJ


I've known Ivan for many years. I have regular monthly massages. Those those elbows and knees! With injuries, this is the best medicine. I've gone to many people. He 's the best!

New York, NY

Ivan has been my lymph drainage therapist when I am in New York for a number of years . I do lymph drainage regularly as a part of health regimen and have used a number of therapists. I find Ivan to be both experienced and capable. I recommend him highly.

St. Croix, Virgin Islands


Since experiencing Ivan's therapeutic massages I feel the positive lingering effects for about a week. I'm relaxed at home and office which increases my productivity and hence my profitability. Needless to say the massage pays for itself. During the massage I can say I've never felt more relaxed. Ivan, I don't know what you are doing but man, you got the touch! I would highly recommend you.




I worked with Ivan since I moved to New York 10 years ago. He's extremely knowledgeable and listens carefully to his clients and then uses the appropriate massage techniques for that moment. I have regular lower back pain and extremely tight leg and hip muscles which Ivan is able to stretch and release. He always mixes up the sessions, using just the right approach. He continues his education, studies different therapies, and then brings that expertise to each session. I've been working with massage therapists for many years and Ivan is the best. He's also extremely reliable, easy to work with and a really nice guy





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